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Halloween Balloons day 10

Halloween Balloons day 9 - Pumpkin candy cup
Pumpkin candy cup at Kwik Trip I dropped off a Pumpkin Candy Cup at the Kwik Trip on Mineral Point Road this morning – and the kind people there were nice enough to feature him on his own table.
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Evangelical Free Church Trunk or Treat 2018

Evangelical Free Church Trunk or Treat 2018 - princess crown
We were just crazy busy at the Trunk or Treat event at the Evangelical Free Church in Mount Horeb yesterday afternoon – so busy that we only had time to take this single photo. As we were leaving, something very sweet happened: A young girl’s voice rang out, “Balloon...
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Halloween Balloons day 7

Fiskars Halloween Spider
Getting ready for the Halloween party for the children of the Fiskars’ employees tomorrow afternoon.  I was frankly surprised by how many people stopped to say how cute he was …
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Halloween Balloons day 5

Jack Pumpkinhead 2018
Jack Pumpkinhead 2018 Jack Pumpkinhead, in addition to just being cute, and a nice table centerpiece, is actually a character from one of the “Wizard of Oz” books – “Ozma” And before anyone asks – yes, he actually stands on his own two feet.
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