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About Raynbow the Clown

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Dear Friends,
Raynbow the ClownThank you for visiting. Raynbow D. Clown serves the greater Henderson, Nevada area, offering clown ministry, as well as entertaining at parties, picnics, corporate events and special library and school shows in Nevada. Click on any of the links to the right, email Raynbow D Clown, aka. Tom Raymond, call me at (725) 208-2954 to book your event or read some of the testimonials from satisfied customers. I look forward to talking to you soon!


Raynbow the magic clown
aka. Tom Raymond

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2 thoughts on “About Raynbow the Clown

  1. Henry Wood says:

    How can I contact you about posting some old Christian Clown Ministry Skits that were written by me & my friends? They are mostly for 2 or more clowns & can be used for Churches, Nursing homes, Birthday Parties, etc.

    1. admin says:

      Simply email me – tom.raymond@gmail.com

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