Welcome to Raynbow the Clown

Make your birthday child this happy with Raynbow the Magic Clown
Dear Friends, Thank you for visiting. Raynbow D. Clown serves the greater Madison, Wisconsin area, offering clown ministry , as well as entertaining at parties, picnics, corporate events and special library and school shows in Wisconsin. Click on any of the links to the right, email Raynbow D Clown, aka....
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What We Do

Mount Horeb Art Fair - balloons
Raynbow the Clown has been performing for many years, and has done quite a few things, ranging from singing telegrams to performing at wedding receptions (a great way to keep the kids occupied, by the way) to twisting balloon animals at shopping malls. However, the things that he...
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Remember- brush your teeth once a year, visit your dentist twice every day … or is it the other way ? 🤡 Thanks to the great Don Knotts for the joke!
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Lifechurch Summer Picnic

Balloon penguin
A big “thank you” to everyone who showed up at Life Church in Mount Horeb yesterday for the summer picnic.  We were busy twisting balloons and painting faces for two hours.  So busy, in fact, we didn’t have time to take very many photos:
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Frolic Parade 2018

Frolic Parade 2018 First, a big “thank you” to everyone that we saw in the Frolic Parade in Mount Horeb this afternoon.  I’ll add photos, later, but I wanted to add a few quick thoughts: Several young girls stopped me to ask for a photo – that’s fine!...
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Thank you from Cystic Fibrosis 2018

A very sweet thank you note from the Cystic Fibrosis folks from a few weekends back: It reads: “Tom, Thank you so much for coming out on Saturday to our Great Strides Madison walk.  I heard such great feedback from our families, & would love to have you again...
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Cornstalk balloon

cornstalk balloon
Cornstalk balloon While twisting balloons at the Oregon Senior Center a couple of weekends ago, a lady asked me for … a cornstalk. As I often say, at balloon twisting events, I can almost guarantee that someone will ask me for something I’ve never done before.  The cornstalk is...
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