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Articles I’m not available for your event

I’m not available for your event

“I’m not available” — that’s something that I hate to tell people. It happened last week, when someone who had previously asked me about doing a balloon and magic show for their child’s birthday party — but didn’t book me, because they wanted to check with their spouse.

That’s fine; I tend to check with my spouse for important things too 🙂 — but they didn’t call back for nearly a month, by which time I was already booked for a different event. The whole point is, summer is my busiest time; if you want to book me for your event, don’t wait until the day before the event (this actually happens) if you want me to be there.

If you need a clown, or balloon twister, or magician — please call me weeks in advance. If you want me to tentatively book your date, just ask, and I’ll be glad to leave it available for a few days until you can speak to your spouse 😉