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Head bands

Head band balloon
Experimenting with head band balloon creations – would you like some at your picnic or special event?
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At the West Towne Mall in Madison, Wisconsin

A funny thing happened to me on Thursday afternoon – I had some time between 2 appointments, so I went to the food court at the West Towne Mall in Madison, Wisconsin while I waited. Rather than just sit there, I worked on weaving a balloon basket, and...
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Would you post a review?

Friends, This is aimed at former customers — if you’ve hired Raynbow, Goofy Grape, or Trudy for an event, would you please post a review at: http://tack.bz/VGJ0 ?
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Clowns of America International membership

Clowns of America International logo
One of those “Say, I should do that!” moments — I foolishly let me membership with the Clowns of America, International (COAI) elapse — which is now rectified, so Goofy Grape and Raynbow the Clown are now members in good standing once again!  
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Valentine’s Day flowers

Young lady holding basket of flowers
Did you get your flowers for Valentine’s Day this year? If so, congratulations! If not, it’s not too late … and they’ll never need to be watered 🙂 Don’t forget that Raynbow and Friends will gladly make and deliver these for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events as...
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Revamping the web site

Hello! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve taken a little time this weekend to migrate Raynbow’s website to WordPress — if you have any issues, questions, or suggestions for improvements, please let me know – thank you!
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50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary Today, November 15th, I was hired to perform as a clown at a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.  It was a very nice family, and they had hired me to keep the children entertained—and I decided to entertain the adults as well.  Everybody had a good...
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